Sliding Doors

We offer an extensive range of sliding doors that will compliment any building new or old. For more details on each individual product please click on the links below.


KS1000 Standard Sliding DoorThe KS1000 Automatic Sliding Door is a carefully designed and thoroughly tested automatic sliding door, and by tested we mean to 3 million operations without any failures.

KS3000 Slim Sliding DoorWith the KS3000 Slim Profile Automatic Sliding Doors series, EA demonstrate and enviable level of quality to which the company is renown for

KC1000 Curved Sliding DoorThe KC1000 is the only automatic curved sliding door manufacturer that tests its doors in a wind tunnel environment so you can be assured your curved sliding door will keep its structural integrity when its blowing a gale outside.


EA Group pride themselves in being a market leader in not only supply and installation of Sliding doors but also the after sales customer care that so often gets forgotten.

At EA we believe that from the first point of sales contact to the ongoing servicing of the supply and installed product is a jigsaw that fits seamlessly together.