Revolving Doors save energy & reduce your carbon footprint


Energy Saving

EA Doors - are committed to providing energy saving solutions to business and commerce.

Thank you for saving energy

On average 8x as much air is exchanged when a conventional swing door is opened as opposed to a revolving door. That's 8x as much new air that needs to be heated or cooled and that's why using a revolvingdoor is a great way to reduce energy requirements. If the swing door is left open, then that 8x figure could extend upwards to any amount of air that needs to be heated or cooled!

Why should I use the revolving door?

You've probably seen the signs 'Please use the revolving door'. But does it really make any difference? Absolutely.
With souring fuel costs and CO2 emissions, every business no matter how large or small has a responsibility to conserve as much energy and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

How does using the revolving door save energy?

The air that is inside a building has been "conditioned" to make it comfortable for the occupants. We call the equipment that does this "air conditioners" in the summer, but the air heating equipment in use during the winter and ventilation "make-up air" consumed year round is also conditioned air. Energy is required to condition air -- to make hot, moist air cold and dry in the summer and to make cold, dry air warm in the winter. Thus, whenever air is exchanged between inside and outside, air conditioning equipment has to work harder, using more energy.

How can I learn more about Energy Saving Revolving Doors from EA Doors?

As a company, EA Doors are committed to providing energy saving solutions to business and commerce.

We have a team of specialist consultants and door engineers who can provide you with all the detail that you need to replace your existing door with an energy saving automatic revolving door system at a sensible cost.
Please contact us to learn more how EA Doors can help your business premises be more energy efficient.