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KA022 - 2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door

Many building owners specify the KA022 2 wing automatic revolving door as a valuable solution for their entrance needs. Very similar to the KA021 2 wing automatic revolving door just with larger profiles.
Where high capacity and functionality are essential for the smooth operation of the entrance, the larger segments and ease of movement of this door is a practical solution for tidal pedestrian flow.
Main feature of this 2 wing automatic revolving door are two-wing revolving with showcase segments and the addition of sliding door and/or balanced door option in central frame.
The exceptional balanced door option allows transit for large loads or displays when required


Glass: 4+4 curved laminate glass, 3+3 flat laminated glass


PPC or Anodised, Stainless Steel
With sliding door and balanced door
With internal sliding or swing doors.


Door Type: 3 in 1 Balanced 2 wing Automatic Revolving Door
Drive Type: Overhead
Diameter: 3600, 4200, 4800
Passage Height: 2200 std - up-to 2800
Canopy Height: 340 std - up-to 1200


Internal Diameter 3600 4200 4800
External Diameter 3688 4288 4888
Passage Height 2200 2200 2200
Canopy Height 340 340 340
Overall Height 2540 2540 2540
Opening Width 1800 2100 2400
Sliding Door Opening Width 1100 1400 1700
Balanced Door Width 1800 2100 2400


KA022 Revolving Door 1 KA022 Revolving Door 2 KA022 Revolving Door 3
KA022 Revolving Door 4 KA022 Revolving Door 5 KA022 Revolving Door 6