KA021 - Slim Profile 2 Wing Automatic Revolving door.
KA021 2 wing Automatic Revolving Door KA022 - Standard Profile 2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door.
KA022 2 wing Automatic Revolving Door
KA023 - Standard Profile 3 and 4 Wing Automatic Revolving Door.
KA023 3 and 4 wing Automatic Revolving Door KA071 - All Glass "Crystal" 3 and 4 Wing Automatic Revolving Door.
KA071 All Glass Crystal 3 and 4 Wing Revolving Door


Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic Overview

 EA Doors Pride themselves in being a market leader in not only supply and installation of automatic revolving doors but also the after sales customer care that so often gets forgotten.

We believe that from the first point of sales contact to the ongoing servicing of the supply and installed product is a jigsaw that fits seamlessly together.

We offer an extensive range of automatic revolving doors that will compliment any building new or old. For more details on each individual product please click on the sales links below. Likewise if you would like to know more about our installation methodology or our renowned quality of customer care please click on the relevant section.


EA Group have a very customer focus driven sales team to help and support all levels of enquiry. We are here to provide you with all the information that you require.

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EA Group not only supply the very best doors, we also install to the highest levels. Click here for our information on our customer focused methodology.

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Customer Care

Customer care and service are the final piece in the EA jigsaw. Regular routine servicing not only saves money but helps protect your investment.

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